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We live in a time where we experience science fiction stories we grew up with becoming science fact. Therefore we constantly wonder about how the future will be like. But how can we talk about brighter futures when our young and fresh minds are raised up and being programmed in an environment that normalizes hatred and fear?

The contents and education systems that our young generations are growing up through do not empower the creative potential of the individuals, instead they force feed young minds with ideas that separate our community through sexism, racism, classes, violence and war. In a nutshell, our kids are being dumbed down and brainwashed to accept and even serve the rapacious system of artificial scarcity, unending exploitation, and incessant war.


Like we, adults have been exposed to an extend as well.


In a world where science fiction is becoming science fact, our young generations needs to grow through fictions that empower their creative potential, encourage them to follow their dreams and simplify what adults are talking about for kids to understand them. On the other hand our adults need a platform where they can reconnect with their child like minds and re-spark the fire of curiosity in searching for magic, wonder and more to our experience of reality. So we can reclaim our true individual potentials fully and break out of the illusions and separations that are created by the current operating system we live in. Then we start building our future collectively on stable foundation.  


Cyber-Rabbit’s vision is to allow the creative potential of the individuals flourish through and plant wonder seeds in people’s curiosities to explore the magic and mystery of our reality by using the potential of the new XR technologies in empowering the imagination through cyber space.

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