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What Are Cyberdelics?

With the explosion of hybrid and perceptual technologies such as VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality), we are extending the possible realities we can reach. The tools that we are shaping, are also shaping us and through this feedback loop. Our understanding of reality is growing. However, the dynamic range of our media also needs to expand in order to capture our subjective experience more accurately. This will enable us to understand ourselves and each other more deeply.

The term “Cyberdelics”emerged from the visionary psychonauts and leading minds of the 60’s. With the launch of the personal computer revolution, Timothy Leary famously said:  “The PC is the LSD of the ‘90s” followed by one of the most remembered memes of the 60’s  “the medium is the message” which fully embraced McLuhan’s concept of the Global Village as the natural evolution of the new media technology. Furthermore, in 1991, acclaimed psychonaut Terence Mckenna shared his cyberdelic visions towards immersive technologies by stating that “the goal of virtual reality should have been obvious from the start – to allow mankind to connect more intimately with one another and an Archaic Revival with the natural forces of the universe.” adding “We have the technology, we have the resources and we have the dream, we need only focus our attention away from the commercial, money-obsessed ambitions and more towards a better understanding of ourselves and compassion towards others.”

In the midst of the massive exponential increase in technological development, we feel the urgency to share our passion by evolving a cyberdelic culture where various ways of harnessing our true potential can be achieved through the use of technology. 

We are exploring cyberdelic technologies that allow us to strengthen our capacity for metaprogramming, self-transformation and growth to raise the frequency within the individual and the collective consciousness.



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