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Carl H. Smith
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His background is in Computer Science and Architecture. He has over 16 years experience conducting research and development into the application of hybrid technologies for perceptual and cognitive transformation. He is currently working on 4 EU projects including the newly funded 3 million Euro Horizon 2020 project ‘[WEKIT] Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training’ which will use the latest in wearable and motion tracking technology to create ‘wearable experience’ – an entirely new form of media. His research interests include: Reality hacking to create new forms of consciousness, carrying out spatial experiments that are designed to turn images into objects and ideas into interfaces, examining how technology can transform the human condition, attaching information to space in the pursuit of non-mediation via the multiple point of view, creating architectures of light within Holoportals, mapping consciousness in order to interlocate between different dimensions, using natural media to fix the problems caused by the technology of linear perspective and rewinding the construction of language in order to reveal the writer.

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Jose Montemayor is an emerging visual artist and visionary pioneer based in London whose work are transcending traditional media. For the past years he has been dedicating big part of his time for the creation of “Virtual Awakening” an emerging visionary platform that brings art and futuristic technology together providing immersive, therapeutic, mind expanding virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences, that gives access to transformational knowledge that will ultimately lead people to an awaken perception of life. Jose’s multidisciplinary work explores areas ranging from documentary to nude photography, film, projection mapping, live visuals for music and virtual reality experiences.

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We are a diverse community of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Each on our own journey, but we meet as equals to explore and co-create this paradigm, together.

We are immersed and engaged within high-tech, low-tech and no-tech practices.

We are committed to engaging with the ever-unfolding realities of the 21st century.

We aim to ensure that each of our operating principles is in balance between humanity and technology, ancient wisdom and modern science.

We believe in recovering ancient principles and values in order to create a truly mixed reality, blending the best affordances of the digital with the best affordances of the analogue.

We are here to learn and unlearn.

We are here for everyone who wants to step into the unknown.

We are here to blur the boundaries between the inner and the outer.

We are here to discover what it means to co-create a Cyberdelic Society


To generate communitas by harnessing the knowledge, creative wisdom and skills of our society.


Through combining our efforts we explore how the targeted application of ancient and modern technologies can generate altered states that may lead to regenerative altered traits.

We aim to manifest our vision through the following actions:

  1. Leveraging the use of immersive technologies (VR/AR/MR/XR and Sensory Augmentation).

  2. Generating an ecosystem of resources for the community and beyond.

  3. Seeking out and establishing strategic partnerships.

  4. Exploring the ethical implications of these creations, collaborations, and experiences.

  5. Sharing guidelines for best practices.

  6. Measuring the impact of cyberdelic technologies using scientific methods.

  7. Holding national and international events including incubators, showcases, hackathons and collective discussions (online and offline).

  8. Exploring the balance between ancient and modern techniques and technologies.

  9. Promoting a scientific approach toward the creation, application, and study of Cyberdelics.

  10. Establishing and developing ecosystems of studios, creators, companies, faculties, institutions and individuals that help us to define the bigger picture.

We welcome you to join the Cyberdelic Society to participate in the collective exploration and co-creation of a cultural container for Cyberdelia and Technodelia experimentation.

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