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The Cyberdelics Incubator

                                             is a jam packed evening of art, music, cutting edge tech, talks and a panel discussion. We will incubate and explore what we have learnt from the psychedelic experience in order to design and evolve a whole new range of altered states of consciousness using mixed reality technology.


We invite you to contribute to the collective building of new insight into the cyberdelics movement.

“The drugs of the future will be computers. The computers of the future will be drugs.”

-Terence Mckenna

What Are Cyberdelics?

With the explosion of hybrid and perceptual technologies such as VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality), we are extending the possible realities we can reach. The tools that we are shaping, are also shaping us back, and through this feedback loop, our understanding of reality is expanding beyond space and time. However, the dynamic range of our media needs to expand to capture our subjective experience accurately in order to meet our inherent need to understand ourselves and each other more deeply.


The term “Cyberdelics”emerged from the visionary psychonauts and leading minds of the hippie movement. With the launch of the personal computer revolution, Timothy Leary famously said:  “The PC is the LSD of the ‘90s” followed by one of the most remembered memes of the 60’s  “the medium is the message” which fully embraced McLuhan’s concept of the Global Village as the natural evolution of the new media technology. Furthermore, in 1991, acclaimed psychonaut Terence Mckenna shared his cyberdelic visions towards immersive technologies as “the goal of virtually reality should have been obvious from the start – to allow mankind to connect more intimately with one another and an “Archaic Revival” with the natural forces of the universe.” and he added that “We have the technology. We have the resources. And we have the dream. We need only focus our attentions away from the commercial, money-obsessed ambitions and more towards a better understanding of ourselves and compassion towards others.”


In the midst of the massive exponential increase in technological development, we feel the urgency to share our passion by evolving cyberdelic culture where various ways of harnessing our true potential can be achieved by the use of technology. We are exploring cyberdelic technologies that allow us to strengthen our capacity for metaprogramming, self-transformation and growth to raise the frequency within the individual and the collective consciousness.

IN THE cyberdelics incubator wE AIM TO showcase, review and discuss perceptual technologies that have the potential to expand our experience of ourselves and the reality we live in. We ALSO explore a range of cyberdelic concepts and open the discussion on the various aspects of how we can create transformative experiences within these immersive technologies.


How can we create a new dimension where your mind/body/consciousness itself becomes the medium? How can we enable new forms of experience that lead to cognitive and creative insights about the nature of reality?

Ethics of 

the Incubator

  1. Promoting a sense of belonging to humanity and a sense of planetary citizenship

  2. Embracing a non-dual awareness towards reality

  3. Providing insights of an ontological awareness and a noetic truth.

  4. Creating a cultural space defined by our dreams, our imagination and our machines.

  5. Cultivating ecological sensibility

  6. To activate deeper levels of curiosity towards our understanding of reality and consciousness.

  7. De-emphasis on consumerism, sexism, violence, and generalise stupidity.

  8. Experiences that work as a mirroring of our own souls, “turning the body and mind inside out”, and bringing the soul as a visible manifestation in the world,  a kind of trans-dimensional object.

  9. Raising awareness about the multi-dimensionality of our universe and our ongoing expansion of understanding it.

  10. Reclaiming back our minds from reductionism, materialism AND scientism.

Questions To Address The Discussion Pannels

  • 1- Origins of imagination: Why mankind has the drive to create tools to alter the state of consciousness

  • 2- What do our current imaging and sensing technologies do to our perception of reality?

  • 3- How adaptable is our perception? Can we use technology to test whether reality can become a medium.

  • 4- How can we enable new forms of experience that lead to cognitive and creative insights about the nature of reality?

  • 5- Which is more important  for our ability to hack our perception – the content of our experience, or the context within which we interact with it?

  • 6- How can hybrid technological devices, of often-prosthetic alienation, help us to reconnect to ourselves and to the surrounding environment?

  • 7- How can artificial senses be used to access a greater dynamic range of reality?

  • 8- If our senses are enhanced or augmented will we become distracted – or more mindful and connected?

  • 9- How can we incorporate peripheral awareness into our senses?

  • 10- How can we measure an Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), achieved through a Cyberdelic Experience?

  • 11- What are the potentials and risks from transhumanism, Hyperhumanism and humanism.

Previous Incubators

Previous Incubators

Research & Articles







Virtual awakening is an emerging platform that aims to combine thought-provoking art with futuristic technology providing immersive, therapeutic, mind-expanding experiences that ultimately empowers people to expand their boundaries, unleash their true potential and lead them to an enlightened perception of life.


Our vision is to create an established virtual /  mixed reality educational platform that consists of a range of skilled individuals to produce therapeutic educational and consciousness expanding content.  Through different mediums such as VR/AR/MR, installations and traditional artwork. We want to achieve immersive experiences and exhibitions that help inspire, heal and open the mind of the public. We believe this will become a movement that works with the flow of technology to raise awareness and form a sense of unity and profundity in the human mind.  We also see this immersion contributing to the acceleration for new planetary Meta-paradigm shifts.

Past Events

By leveraging the use of immersive technologies, combined with a visionary and scientific approach toward the creation of cyberdelics, we aim to inspire developers, artists, scientists, techno enthusiasts, and psychonauts to collectively unite for the building of a new paradigm on how we are creating content and context within XR* technologies, and ultimately, to inform our whole phenomenological worldview with the idea that it is in the inner world where the revolution must first take place.


Furthermore, Through the application of a range of different cyberdelic experiences, our aim is to provide immersive tools, methods, and techniques using cutting edge technology for catalyzing introspection, widened perception, and expansion of the possible realities within our reach.


and last but not least, we wish to show people how to turn their smart devices into cyberdelic tools.

The Collective Vision

Social Imagineering



The emergence of the cyberdelic vision is to contribute to bringing a global humanity,


Together in Synergy


The manifestation of this vision into existence needs your active approach to contribute and shape its development.

This is a movement

for humanity,

by humanity


For this reason, the cyberdelic incubator is excited to hear YOUR ideas of how YOU can contribute to the building of this movement. 




we value all types  of contribution 


feel welcome to share  yours


click if you would like to contribute with research 


click if you are an artist and would like to showcase through us your cyberdelic projects 


click here if you are a techno vanguardist, and if you would like to immerse your experiments through a cyberdelic approach

Techno vanguardists

Techno vanguardists

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