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Operating Principles

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  1. Creating a cultural container for our dreams, our imaginations and our tools.

  2. Adopting both a non-dual and pluralistic approach to our understanding of the operating systems of reality.

  3. Reclaiming our minds back from reductionism, materialism, and scientism.

  4. Re-affirming our nature connection in order to activate deeper levels of embodied understanding.

  5. Moving from a content-based economy to a context-based economy; from the mass production of content to be consumed, to producing context to be experienced.

  6. Operating from a micro, macro and cosmic perspective in order to appreciate the interconnectedness of reality.

Best Practices for the application of Cyberdelics

  1. Set and setting are crucial for optimizing the impact of the psychedelic experience, the same goes for technodelics and cyberdelics. 

  2. Cyberdelic experiences can be more powerful than you think, therefore be mindful who you choose to share these experiences with.

  3. If the cyberdelic experience is intentionally designed to catalyze an altered state that may lead to an altered trait (a lasting transformative experience), you must create time and space for integration. Integration means digesting, contemplating, applying, acting, and embodying key insights in your day today. Remember that transformation without integration can often lead to fragmentation.

  4. Meditate in order to process and digest the insights that arrived through the Cyberdelic experience.

  5. If you can, capture your thoughts and emotions in your journal or share your experience with a close friend and ask for help to process it. 

  6. Find an artistic expression to capture your insights of your experience.

  7. Video Journal yourself expressing your insights & share your Cyberdelic trip report with the community

  8. Balancing the real in the virtual and the virtual in the real: This practice is central to ensure that we help build the bridge rather than create digital distraction and dislocation.

  9. Setting intentions before entering any Cyberdelic experience sharpens your attention and opens your awareness.

  10. If you are sharing the experience be aware of the participant's responses and be alert to any need that is presented

In light of the exponential growth of technology, we feel a responsibility to promote principles and values that can give our community a list of best practices in order to create and apply cyberdelic technologies into the appropriate contexts.

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