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  1. Embracing a non-dual awareness towards reality

  2. Promoting an ecological and planetary sensibility that can raise our connection as planetary citizens.

  3. Reclaiming back our minds from reductionism, materialism and scientism.

  4. Creating a cultural space defined by our dreams, our imagination and our machines.

  5. To activate deeper levels of curiosity towards our understanding of reality and consciousness.

  6. Moving from a content based economy to a context based economy; where we no longer focus on the mass production of content to be consumed but shift the primary focus on producing context to be experienced.

  7. Turning the body and mind inside out to create a trans-dimensional object.

  8. To focus our attentions away from the commercial, money-obsessed ambitions and more towards a better understanding of ourselves and compassion towards others.

  9. Providing insights of an ontological awareness through a cosmo-centric perspective that promotes a non-dual perception of the interconnectedness of reality.

  10. Appling tools not towards warfare, but toward the dissolving of boundaries between people and nations.